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Okay peeps, I've finally gotten around to changing all my comm emeberships, and ownerships to my new account shuck_cat so now I can officially close up shop here. I'm pretty sure I re-friended everyone that had me on their flist but if I forgot you drop me a line.

There is now no doubt in my mind that only freaks are x-men fans...myself included.
So I quit a job and got another one within a week, luck must be on my side 'eh? I think Subway is a fairly nice place to work, low stress work and free food, what more could you want?

I also plan on having a "counter-protest" of my own tomorrow, by going to the mall! Well its not really a protest, more like taking advantage of the fact there'll be less people out. :p

Oh yeah I made some (if 24 can be considered "some") icons of "Howl's Moving Castle", I had the screencaps and I was bored, what can I say?

Catch a falling star, trun into a demon-bird, and still get the girl at the end!Collapse )

"Howl's Moving Castle" love is just a manifestation of my current interest in Miayasaki films. I mean, over here most "Protect the forest! Save Nature!" films here are all about peace and love. In Miyasaki's "Princess Monoke" the adressor gets her arm bit off so she can never raise a rifle again against the animals, The Forest Spirit goes on a killing rampage after getting its head cut off by some hunters, and at the end, the wolf-girl returns to the forest and turns her back on human civilization. The film definitely contains a greater sense of justice than any "conservation" film ever made here.

I can see why Disney is so hot to pout this stuff under their label, they know it outclasses almost all of their films in the last seven years or so.

Oh yeah another recommendation/exposition....

"Revolutionary Girl Utena" is suppose to be one of the major shoujo-ai series out there, and is another "mind-fuck" show. Anyway I read the first three chapters of the series and liked it well enough, but not exactly enough to rush out and buy it. Then I found some episodes of the anime on youtube.com...

Ep. 1


Ep.3 Prt.1

Ep.3 Prt.2

Ep.3 Prt.3

Ep.4 Prt.1

Ep.4 Prt.2

Ep. 5 Prt.1

Ep. 5 prt.2

Ep.6 prt.1

Ep.6 Prt.2

Ep. 7 prt.1


...and I can already tell the series has alot of twists, and everyone is a crazy, selfish, bastard, except for two people anyway. So has anyone else read the series? Is it worth more hours of my life?

-Rambling over.

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Never a truer word spoken Yankee=/= Lady, though technically I am from the "South", my family immigrated from Missouri and Mississippi to California. Though I guess since my family was the kind that had to eke out a living in the swamplands, I missed out on having "delicate" ancestors.
So I decided to get the new sponsored account. Why? I like free stuff and I'm a whore for the pigs of capitalism that's why. (And damn proud of it, yay America!)Plus now my LJ looks like this, nifty huh? I also got a shitload of user pics which suits my fickle nature quite nicely.

I also quit my job because my Dad had been bitching at me about it since almost Day One becqause its "too far" and he doesn't like driving all the way out there (nvm I do have MY OWN car, but that's another complicated, hair pulling out subject.)so I just stopped showing up. I've got to turn it my uniform, ID and get my last paycheck still though. I did at least make enough money to go to Comic Con, so I guess all those 12 hour shifts were worth it.

I'm also obsessed with Howl's Moving Castle, I have no idea why, I just really like it. For the most part the fan fiction is really good, so even though its a small fandom its a good one. Also I've been getting into A Distant Soil, a series with a virtually inactive fanbase, but then I can act like a litterary snob about it, because everyone knows if no one's ever heard of something, its true art. Not like that boregious crap Harry Potter.

Its just like real life!

I also found an interesting video on youtube,com that's suppose to be the opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I dunno if it is or just someone's tribute (since it features some scenes from the movie, OMG! SPOILERS!!!), but its still pretty good.

Oh yeah, want to see something funny? Take an actual German to Weinerschintzel or Coldstone Creamery and watch them freak about the abuse of the German language. And I mean real abuse, "Choclate Cake" in German is "Shockoladen Kuchen", not "Kockalat Kake" with random umlauts over the vowels Coldstone. And Weinerschintzel details a long explanation into German grammar that I'm not up to at 11:04 pm, but Lea won't shut up about it.

I'm done babbling now.
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In other news; I think they better transfer me to a signle operator ride soon or otherwise I'm going to cuss someone out and then throw my nametag into the supervisor's face and tell him/her "fuck you." I'm sorry but you can't crtisize me when you're babbling on the private line for the ride to the person in dispatch because I moved out of my "space" to talk to the security guards who needed a report for the $200 that had been stolen. And yes I am going to continue to call you "Amy" though your name is "Heather" no matter how much you tap your nametag you try to ignore me yelling at you because I needed you to place a call into dispatch about a lost camera. Though I am pleased to know I can have your ass at anytime if I tell any of the supervisor's about tying up the phoneline with inanae chitchat, because they just hate that for some reason.

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But really what is the point of making your own tarot deck if its just going to be an almost exact copy of the Rider-Waite deck? And plus those cards are layered with symbology, so its hopeless to attempt to repersent the same thing just using the same basic design. You'd be better off interpetting the card on your own and making up a new system of design and symbology.


And now...a quiz!

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It's like it knows me...o.O

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